This is my track-day car. It's an 1984 Saab 99 GL from the beginning. Over the years I've put in a T16 turbo-engine from an og900, gutted the interior, put in a roll cage, stiffened up the suspension and more.

It's a back-road flyer, and that's half the fun with the car, to be able to do some spirited driving and drive it under its own power from track to track.

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Besides cars, one of my other interests is photography. I like to photograph techology, vehicles, nature, landscape and buildings. And, I always trying to find that odd angle or perspective.

At the link below you'll find my photos, and even photos of my cars taken both by others.

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Kobolt Runabout

Together with my brother I'm learning the skills to build a whole car from the frame up. We are building the frame, the suspension and all other systems our self.

The car will be a Lotus Super Seven replica  based on the Haynes Roadster.

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Julia, the Vauxhall

I bought a 1962 Vauxhall Victor Estate in Malmö and drove it the 600 km back home in the winter (!). I started the following summer vacation by fixing the car so it would be reliable for the coming adventures.

My over-all plan was to do a rolling restoration, with some modernisation. I sold the car almost 2 years later.

Read more about what I did to the car and about the adventures in my blog about the it.

See more pictures from respective year at these links:

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